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Hello, Fellow Venturer!

Each day, more and more of us are bitten by the RV bug. Then we finally decide: It’s time! – Time to join those already brave and quirky venture-seeking souls on the road…toilet-in-tow, or, powder room attached if you prefer.

Whether you’re new to RVing or have long been crisscrossing this magnificent continent in your own home on wheels, theRVventurer.com aspires to create an environment to share gathered information obtained from our, and your, ventures across the United States and Canada.

Our focus is to offer practical and useful information on a website that you can add to your virtual portfolio of RV source material. This information will include what we set out to learn both intentionally and accidentally. (Spoiler Alert: Turns out we learn most things accidentally.)

So whether you’re young or just young at heart, with an RV of your own or just dreaming of one “someday,” whatever draws you here…thank you for dropping by!

Safe travels always!


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