Pedals and Metals and Wheels – A Full Year



Bill reminded me last week that it’s been one year since we left behind sticks and bricks for pedals and metals and wheels.

My response: “Is that it?? Seems longer.” Which is both true and not true. – I still feel like a newbie, but at the same time, I  feel like I’ve been doing this forever.

As with most things, RV venturing has both things I love and things I’m less than thrilled about.

I love following the good weather. (I really love that!) I love having a smaller space to keep clean. I love the chance to change and travel at will. I love seeing new parts of this beautiful country and learning more about it. I love having my own bedding with me at all times. My own dishes. My own shower. My own everything everywhere.

I don’t love that my belongings are crammed into small spaces. – It feels disrespectful. I don’t love that the drives can get stressful with traffic and construction. I don’t love that setups and takedowns sometimes cause squabbles. – Though it’s not nearly as bad as it was years ago when we first started RV’ing!

All and all, I can’t help but feel this is a very interesting way to live. And ‘interesting’ is one of my favorite qualities.

I would love to hear from you RV Venturers: What do you love about life on the road? What don’t you love? Triumphs? Regrets? Please share!

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