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Articles Overview

Originally posted: 6/23/14

Article placement in a category is determined by us and is based on the three categories as defined below. A particular article posted under one category does not necessarily mean it will not fit under another category. A brief “definition” of the Articles’ categories, as we define them, follows:

Lessons Learned series – these articles strive to pass on experiences that could save you money and/or may enhance the safety margin where safety is a factor.

On The Road series – these articles cover those things that become a bit more challenging because you’re on the road, e.g., eating better: we may do it at home (the ol’ brick-n-stick place if you’re not a full-timer) but find it tougher to do while RVing.

Season-Specific series – these articles would include things accomplished because of the season. For example, under Autumn & Winter, you’ll find Winterizing Your RV. However, a season-specific article like “RV Winter Driving” could easily fit into the Lessons Learned series.

We wanted to point out a few things regarding not just this website in its entirety, but in particular the many articles our site offers.

These articles are intended to provide you with information gathered from a variety of experiences, stories , and/or news gathered from any possible source you can imagine. The objective is information gathering for us that we pass on to you, The RV Venturer. These articles and the information provided herein, per our Disclaimer Statements, are to be considered as a “use at your own risk” source. We gather these experiences, stories, and/or news for our enjoyment but also wish to share them with you.

This being said, all content of this website and in these articles is copyrighted and as such should not be reproduced, reprinted, or posted in any way, shape or form, in part or in whole, without obtaining our written permission. Please send us a quick note explaining your intent. And of course, if you read anything that you believe to be improper or should not be here, communicate this to us as well. Use the Your Corner, Website Comments, form.

Also, there are links to third party Internet websites contained throughout the Company’s (Blended Ventures, LLC) website with many links provided in most of our articles. These sites linked from the Company’s website are not under the Company’s control and so we do not assume any responsibility or liability for any information, communications or materials available at such linked sites, or at any link contained in a linked site.

For more information please refer to the Disclaimer Statements associated with this website.