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50th Grand National Rally … I’m going!

This is a BIG year for Winnebago’s Grand National Rally (GNR). — It is their 50th anniversary and guess who is going to RV venture her wheels up to Forest City, Iowa, to celebrate? Me! I’m so excited!  (Another BIG 50th Anniversary is happening this week too - on July 20th - the first moon landing. [...]

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Upgrades to the Camper Van

Our 2017 Winnebago Era 70A 4x4 camper van is a gorgeous 24-foot tiny home on wheels, and I love her. But she came with less than beautiful wheels and tires, which continued to look less and less beautiful with each passing day. So, at just over the 2-year/36,000 mile mark, we were more than ready [...]

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Moms, Books, & Summer

It is July 6. Two days post-independence.  I’m sitting in a hotel room, contemplating yesterday, the day ahead, and bits and pieces of life over the last 46 years. That’s a lot.  I’m thinking about my step-daughters and wondering how they are doing. I’m thinking about my nieces - and again - wondering how they [...]

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Flat Tire – Geeze Louise!

RV’ing is not all fun and games. It is also tank dumping, diesel filling, and well, sometimes … it is a flat tire.  Geeze Louise.  IT STARTED OUT GREAT - THE BILTMORE I was on such an RV road trip high on Saturday morning. I had no set plans - not even a campground reservation. [...]

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Visiting Mayberry, a.k.a. Mount Airy, North Carolina

Did you grow up watching The Andy Griffith Show? I sure did! I have seen most of the episodes probably 3 to 100 times each. I love the characters; I remember all the plot lines; I cringe over most of what Barney says and does. It was a great show and holds such a special [...]

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Confessions of an Ex Full-Time RV’er: Five Reasons Full-Timing COULD Have Been for Me

I love RV’ing. The adventure, the freedom, the (dare I say it) whimsy of it all. It suits my gypsy soul like nothing else. In the decades before we bought our first RV, I enjoyed long road trips in whatever car I happened to have. I thought all I needed was my driver’s license, a [...]

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Moving into the House! – An Update

Greetings from the great unknown, also known as, a time of transition between full-time RV’ing to part-time RV’ing. Also known as home-ownership-NOT-on-wheels. Also known as: I’m exhausted. Unsettled. And ever so slightly fragile.  How are YOU?? I know you have heard my story a million times. And you are probably over it. I don’t blame [...]

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Is Dollywood the Answer to All My Problems?

As you may recall, we are in the process of building a house *around* our motor coach and camper van. To say it has been a long process is a complete and utter understatement.   On top of that, this house build is cramping my nomadic style. I feel undeserving of our website’s name: The [...]

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