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Eating Better On The Road

Oh the culinary temptations as we drive cross-country. Dairy Queens, McDonalds, fine dining, local diners, area dives. This is America, and dagnabit if America doesn’t offer options-a-plenty. If you’re hitting the road for a while — a week or more — we would probably all agree that cheeseburgers, french fries, and coca-cola aren’t likely to [...]

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RV Spring Cleaning

First, an overview: The family RV has been sitting for the winter season. Be it under an RV cover sitting outside or behind closed doors protected from the elements, it will need brushing off, de-winterizing, and a good cleaning so as to be ready for the spring season. Keep your manufacturer’s manual handy for reference [...]

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How To Entertain [Grand] Children On The Road

We’ve all been there at one time or another: traveling down that road with our little ones asking us, “...are we there yet?” or “...how much longer?” Well if it’s not our little ones now it may very well be our little one’s little ones (i.e., our grandkids). I think it’s safe to say that [...]

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Exercising On The Road

Ah, the open road. Ultimate freedom. No rules. (Kind of.) You know what I mean, right? There’s something about that feeling of freedom and possibility that only a road trip can bring. But with freedom comes responsibility. And one of those responsibilities is taking care of our health. After all, without it, these road trips [...]

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Finding Cheaper Fuel

Finding Cheaper Fuel The scope of this article is to explain how we reduce our actual price per gallon at the pump itself. Of course, not covered here are the many methods for savings at the pump by reducing your vehicle’s actual fuel consumption, whether you’re driving a gasoline-powered or a diesel-powered vehicle. We’ve all been there: watching that fuel [...]

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Chipped Windshield Repair

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately for us, driving along in our brand new, haven’t-seen-much-of-the-country-yet motor coach, it was sooner. The dreaded but inevitable whack to the windshield. Our first chip. Chips. Dings. Stars. Cracks. Scratches. When you’re traveling the country’s highways and byways, be it in a motor coach with a [...]

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