Building a House Around Your Home on Wheels

Have I told you that we are building a house? It is basically a home for our motor coach and camper van, but I am pretty sure that once it is done, I get to sleep in it too. 

It feels like quite awhile since we have had a house to call home. We have been full-time RV’ing for over 3 years. Or has it been 23 years? Hard to say.

And it will probably be 6 months more of full-timing, because if there is anything Bill and I are good at it, it is complicating any and all situations to the point of mental and physical anguish, despair, and exhaustion. It’s our super power. 

Frankly, at the rate we are going, it may be 12 months more. BUT if that ends up being the case, this blog will no longer be tended to, as I will no longer have the mental capacity to do anything other than cry in my soup.

So here’s to hoping for “only” 6 months more! ?


Want to see some pics of the place? Here is the latest…

(That green-ish section you see to the far lower left of the house will eventually be a white stucco rock climbing wall. – I’ll give you one guess as to which one of us wanted that. Hint: It’s not me.)

While not a big house, it is a tall house, because I was not joking when I said that this house is being built around the motor coach and the camper van. 

Our 2013 Itasca Ellipse is just over 13’ tall. So Bill decided our garage needed to be around 18’ tall. That’s tall, y’all. It is also slightly ridiculous, but let’s not go there. And since we also have a camper van, we just had to add a shop next to the garage and make it super tall too — so the doors match. And add a deck above the shop. And…well that, my friends, is what we call a slippery slope, and man, did my husband go down it…with me along for the ride!)

house with rv inside

When the motor coach is in the garage, the garage shrinks. Truly. – It no longer feels like an Amazon warehouse. 

We spent the winter of 2017/2018 parked in there – that yet to be finished garage. And when I say “we,” I mean mostly just me, our 2 cats, and ZuZu. (Bill is the lucky duck who gets to leave the motor coach and the house construction, in order to go to work for weeks at a time. After all, somebody’s gotta pay for this!) 

But with late-spring/nearly-summer here, we are back outside on the RV pad, which is roughly 200 feet down from the house site. Being back outside with the RV makes me happy, happy, happy! It’s so beautiful here!

motor coach

Both the garage and the RV pad have full hook-ups. Electric, water, sewer — everything you need! And what I would love to do is create an inviting outdoor space on the RV pad. – Like the ladies of Sisters on the Fly do with their twinkling lights, potted plants, and comfy seating. I envy their cozy, retro decorating skills and would love for one or two of them to live with me for a couple of weeks so we could do this RV pad up right and make it pretty! (Funny, but a “pretty” RV pad doesn’t seem to be very high on Bill’s goals list at present.) 

I also need to figure out how to create a bug repellant bubble over the entire area. Any ideas? Should be super easy, right?

We are located in the mountains of East Tennessee. (As in, open your front door and you best be packing the bear spray.) For a girl accustomed to suburb and city living, life here has taken a bit of getting used to. But those are stories for another time. ?

I would love to hear from all of you! – Would you ever be crazy enough to let your RV dictate your home build? For you non full-timers, what do you do with your RV when you are not using it to explore? Do you keep it on your land, in storage, indoor, outdoor? Please leave a comment. – I would love to know! 

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  1. Sandy June 1, 2018 at 00:34

    Wow! You have your plate full! Not counting Bill!! ? you have a lovely spot!! I’m past the age of building a house or buying an RV. Although the thought has gone through my mind as my kids and grandkids move farther away! I could drive as far as I can in one day and stop when needed. And oh what a ball I’d have in the RV with the gkids!!!! In praying for you all!! So think big and fly high!!!? Live you!! Sandy!

  2. Susan June 1, 2018 at 07:20

    Thank you, Sandy! You’ll just have to have the kids and grandkids come to YOU! 🙂

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