Key Fob Replacement – NOT So Easy!

Backstory: Recently, in June 2023, due to scheduling differences, we drove separately to a family event 400 miles from home. After the event, Susan returned home and I, with our van (a 2016 MB Sprinter NCV3 / 2017 Winnebago Era), would follow a couple of days later…or so I thought.  As I prepped the van [...]

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Radiator Trauma and Drama – on Motorcoach

Our motorhome (2013 Itasca Ellipse) developed a radiator leak on one of its bottom corners. I decided to remove the radiator myself (early 2022). So here's a few pictures of the removal process. Had to first remove the rather large and awkward rear radiator cover. Did this alone so had to tie one side off [...]

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Class 5 and Class 3 Hitch Comparison

Pictured is our Class 5 - 2" hitch as compared to a Class 3 hitch (with tubes for motorcycle-lift). What a difference in shear size, let alone weight capacity. We had purchased a motorcycle lift for our new Class A motorhome. The motorhome came with this Class 5 hitch. The motorcycle lift came with this Class 3 hitch, accompanied with [...]

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