Class 5 and Class 3 Hitch Comparison

Pictured is our Class 5 – 2″ hitch as compared to a Class 3 hitch (with tubes for motorcycle-lift).

What a difference in shear size, let alone weight capacity.
We had purchased a motorcycle lift for our new Class A motorhome. The motorhome came with this Class 5 hitch. The motorcycle lift came with this Class 3 hitch, accompanied with the three receiver-tubes, which I then had incorporated into the Class 5 hitch. It’s been a great combo for us for a decade now. FYI, prior to us having the work done (adding a three-tube system to the existing Class 5 hitch), I requested both Winnebago and Cruiserlifts to agree to honor their warranty.
They agreed.
class 5 and 3 hitch

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