Eating Better On The Road

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Oh the culinary temptations as we drive cross-country. Dairy Queens, McDonalds, fine dining, local diners, area dives. This is America, and dagnabit if America doesn’t offer options-a-plenty.

If you’re hitting the road for a while — a week or more — we would probably all agree that cheeseburgers, french fries, and coca-cola aren’t likely to keep us as healthy as we’d like to be for this traveling lifestyle. And whether you’re a full-timer or seasonal RVer, you certainly want to think about healthy eating options for life on the road.

We set out to find ways to keep our own eating, whilst on the road, in check. The great thing is: It is completely possible, as long as you plan ahead and really commit to those healthy plans.

“Healthy eating,” or shall we say “healthier eating,” is a somewhat subjective term. We are not nutritionists or experts in any way. We’re just sharing what we feel is healthier (than what we’ve been doing) for our lives. So take, toss, or tweak what we have to say with your own knowledge, research, and doctor’s instructions.

We RV Venturers have a huge advantage over other motorists…we have kitchens! So fill up those cabinets and fridges with healthy foods before and during your trip. Shop the local farmer’s markets along the way. Stop in at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s or the produce department of the local supermarkets.

We like the idea of eating mostly clean foods, with fruits and veggies, while also getting our necessary amounts of protein and healthy fats. The big thing for us is trying to keep away from all those “bad” carbs – which inevitably pack the pounds on both of us if we’re not careful.

When eating out, we try to choose from the restaurants that offer quality food. It can be as simple as Panera, which as their web site states, is committed to “serving high-quality ingredients without artificial additives including added MSG, artificial trans fats, and ingredients we don’t believe need to be in your food.”

Chipotle can be another good “fast food” option. Their site touts: “Food With Integrity is Chipotle’s commitment to changing traditional ‘fast food’ culture by serving customers the very best ingredients, all raised with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers.”

If we’re having a nice dinner out, we make sure to order meals that provide us with protein, “good” carbs, and healthy fats. To find restaurants that offer vegan, vegetarian, and healthy foods in the area you’re transiting, check out

There’s a blog that we like to read that provides tons of information on eating healthy, “real” foods. Coincidentally, she and her family rented an RV for a month long trip this past summer. To find out how she made sure they ate healthy on the road, click here. It’s very informative!

Another advantage we RVers have? Bathrooms at the ready! So drink your water. Staying hydrated has many health benefits. We found this article on WebMD quite interesting.

When it comes right down to it, eating healthy, or healthier, on the road isn’t really that much different than eating healthy at home. It just seems to take a bit more discipline and a bit more planning.

What about you? How do you eat healthy as an RV Venturer? Does this mirror how you approach it?

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