First Solo Trip in Our Camper Van


When I ask for directions,

please don’t use words like “East.” – Bill Murray


Sprinter Campver Van


My First Solo Trip in the Camper Van is in the books.


By solo, that means me & ZuZu, our puppy RV Venturer. My husband had to work, and the cats stayed back in the motor coach for the two days I was away. (They much prefer being in the motor coach for a couple of days without me than being moved into the van for a couple of days with me. Whatever.)

So, yes, a quick two-day trip, but it felt triumphant nonetheless. Truly, it is but my first small step in being crowned Queen of the Road. 😉

We both have family in Cincinnati, so we are always interested in finding the best campgrounds in that area. To that end, we have tried to get into the Winton Woods Campground over the last two years to no avail. Their big rig spots are limited and during the season, it’s a very busy place. (Book ahead!)

But here I was trying to get in to the campground early in the season, during the week, in Hers, which is only 24’. No problem!

If you’re curious as to my review of Winton Woods Campground, click here!

I am planning Solo Trip #2 in Hers today. Stay tuned and stay safe!













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