Generator Awesomeness

“The clouds are always improvising,

but the culprit is the wind.” – Unknown



After dreary, dire days of living under Murphy’s Law, (I’ll save those dreary, dire details for another blog post – once I’ve recovered from the emotional strain), something went right! Right as rain. As in: Couldn’t have asked for anything more! And who do we have to thank for this bliss after the storm but the Cummins Onan Service Department in West Chester, Ohio.

Skipping the gory details of the agony — by simply saying that our generator decided to stop working as we settled in for several days of boondocking atop a mountain in Tennessee — let’s go straight to the ecstasy: Cummins fixing our generator in a flash.

I didn’t even have to step foot out of the RV. My tooshie stayed put as I continued my workday from our kitchen table. Our two cats didn’t have to be pulled out against their ever-defiant wills into the Jeep. ZuZu, the puppy-of-good-cheer, didn’t have to be crated and stowed away either. We all remained comfy, going about our lives as per usual, as Bill joined the two service techs in action.

Having expected to be staying overnight in their parking lot and being displaced during my workday while they had our coach in their shop, I was so, so happy that within an hour and a half of pulling into their lot, we were back on the road and headed to our next RV park. RV Venturers back in action…Onward!

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