Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving, fellow RV Venturers!

Not to take anything away from Christmas (for oh how I love it too!), but for me, Thanksgiving gives it some real competition for the title of “the most wonderful time of the year.” I love the family time that Thanksgiving provides and all the wonderful food. There’s an air of occasion that surrounds it, but it’s more low-key, I feel… despite all the cooking that is traditionally involved.

Speaking of which, how do you handle the turkey and all the trimmings in your RV’s kitchen?

As for us, we are parked in a campground fairly close to family. So I will be doing most of the cooking at my Dad’s house, well outside the confines of my coach’s tiny kitchen. On top of that, I’m not even cooking the turkey. I am letting Kroger do the heavy work on that this year. (But I still have to pick it up and everything… so there’s that.) There will still be 8 lbs. of potatoes to peel and mash. The sweet potatoes I bought will meet that same fate. There is a pie to make and appetizers to prep. But I cannot even imagine doing all that in my coach’s kitchen. Admittedly, I am not a skilled cook. And on top of that, there’s so little storage in the RV that I don’t have even half of the utensils and dishes I would need to prep the food.

But I wonder about those of you who are skilled cooks, and how you handle this. Do you keep a fully stocked kitchen so you can work your wizardry? I would love for you to comment below to let us know!

We wish you all a safe and very happy Thanksgiving!

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