Hers Is Hurt


Sprinter Camper Van

The good ol’ days, a.k.a. last week, before the hit

Poor Hers.

She got her first boo-boo. Actually, more than that. She took a hit. From a rock. A big rock. Right in the kisser.

crack in windshield


We were headed into town, all giddy with the happy life when it happened. Bill was driving when the rock — the hateful, spiteful, ill-willed rock — smacked Hers silly. The offending mineral was a biggie, large enough for me to actually see it right before or right after (it happened too quickly to say for certain) impact. And the impact was loud. Sadly so.

My mood turned. How dare this happen to Hers. My Hers! She’s so shiny and new. Or, rather, she was.

Insurance and Safelite have been informed of this windshield tragedy and are on the case. Hers will be none the worse soon enough. Till then, it is a sad, sad sight.




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