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How we rate the parks

Our park reviews cover four categories: Ground’s Cleanliness, Facility’s Cleanliness, Park Amenities, and Staff Friendliness. These four are then summarized in an overall average score.

The information collected for our reviews comes from any number of sources. These sources may include what we’ve read as well as our own experiences. Also included may be what you share about your experience at that park.

The overall average score is not affected by extras like: a playground next to the pool, or an RV wash-rack next to the park’s ice cream stand. While there would be no influence to the park’s overall score by these nice extras, they would be included in the main body of the review.

The following break-down defines each review category:


This is an overall assessment of how clean and orderly the campground appears. The park’s first impression is in this particular score.
This reflects how clean the office, bathrooms, laundry, etc., are and their availability to patrons. That is, do the facilities have limited hours of operation or are they available 24/7? Are they nearby or does one need to hail a cab to get there? You get the idea.
This ranks the availability and reliability of all listed amenities. Were the electrics, water, sewer, cable, laundry facilities, and/or WiFi, operational and open when the sign (where applicable) on the door said it would be?
Self explanatory. That being said, I always take into account that anyone can have a bad day. If that seems to be the case, I’ll try again. A less-than-favorable score would therefore reflect more than one negative occurrence with the staff.
This is simply the average of all four factors listed above. This average score is revealed with the click of the info bubble located on the map page (click on Park Review).


The OVERALL PARK SCORE is revealed with the click of the info bubble and is shown above the park’s Introduction Statement.  Each review has a rating table like the one below that indicates how a park has been rated.

Still want more information? Then click the green box for the Travel Sheet, a downloadable and printable page that provides you with everything you need to contact/research them or to just throw in your vehicle. Enjoy!


Ground’s Cleanliness


Facility’s Cleanliness & Accessibility


Park Amenities


Staff Friendliness


Overall Park Score

Note: An overall score in the 8.0 to 9.0 range is not that difficult to attain, and would be the approximate score of a nice, average, park.  If a bare-bones park meets the general cleanliness, amenities, and staff interaction criteria, then boom; there’s an 8 to 9!  It’s that simple. However, it’s not that difficult to fall out of that higher score either.