Inspired by Another RV Venturer: Solo Skills


This post is for you gals and guys out there who aren’t usually the one responsible for the outdoor set-up/take-down and driving of your RV.

That would be me.

I am the indoor go-to girl in our traveling duo. I clean it, prep it,  and set it up. The husband, however, is the knowledge-holder and do-er of everything outdoors. He handles all of the hookups, the car attachments and detachments, fills the diesel tank, and oh yeah, he drives this rig 95% of the time.

Since we started RV’ing several years back, I have wanted to learn how to do what he does. I don’t WANT to do what he does, but I want to KNOW how to do it — just in case. I have driven the motor coach enough to feel somewhat comfortable that if I HAVE to, I can. But when it comes to all the hookup, take-down, set-up stuff he does outside, I’m clueless.

Just yesterday, I watched a YouTube video posted by Nikki of Gone with the Wynns. (If you don’t follow their RV ventures online, check them out. – They are a young, energetic couple living a very interesting life, currently full-timing in their RV.) Here is a link to Nikki’s video if you want to see it: Nikki Goes Solo: An RV Trip for One.

This gal got it done! I was inspired!

So I have an idea. And I think the Husband will love it! —

The next time we need to take down and set back up, I will video Bill as he does the outdoor tasks. That way I have something concrete to reference if need be. Or, maybe better yet, I will have him video me while I follow his instructions. – Yes, that might be best. Then I will still have the video to reference, and the hands on experience under his supervision. If I don’t do too badly, I’ll post the video too. Maybe it will inspire someone else, like Nikki’s video did for me.

What about all of you? Would you feel comfortable running the “entire show” solo if you had to?


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  1. Kristen May 6, 2016 at 22:05

    Video reference — brilliant!

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