The Walls Are Moving In & It’s Too H-O-T

“It ain’t the heat; it’s the humility.”

– Yogi Berra



When living full-time in an RV, the walls can move in on you really fast. And I’m not talking about the slides.

I mean the 300 to 600 square feet of living space feeling smaller, tighter… suffocating.

Usually respite can rather easily be found by stepping through the RV door and into the outdoor living room we RV Venturers love so much. But that “living room” currently leaves a lot to be desired — with its 109 humiditure.

We are in a campground in Virginia right now, waking up to low temps in the mid-70s; it is not long before that mercury rises though… the 80s, then the 90s, just shy of 100 … and we’re melting.

The buzzing, biting bugs are out and are infatuated with us – not wanting to leave us alone for a moment. So we are itchy, sweaty, and generally just miserable. (I sound like a summer Scrooge. Sorry!)

This lovely RV park has three lakes; one of which is supposed to be quite popular for swimming, with its aquaglide and paddle boards. But alas, it’s too hot for even that, and it remains deserted.

What are you doing this summer that helps you enjoy (or at least cope with) the muggy outdoors?? I am thinking that the only logical solution is insane amounts of ice cream. Eaten in the air-conditioned indoors. Of course.


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