Making an RV a Home

Making an RV a Home

“Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your

life is more interesting than it really is.” – Charles Schulz

The Office

The Office, aka The Kitchen Table

A few weeks ago, Bill’s co-worker, a fellow RV Venturer, sent us a picture of the dining table in his motor coach during his family’s RV trip out west. There before my eyes, was something I could not believe: beautiful dishes, fine glass goblets, a fresh flower centerpiece on a tablecloth, with framed pictures (to boot!) in the background.

It was a slap in the face. My face.

What have I been doing??? Or, more accurately stated: What haven’t I been doing?

Did I miss the motor coach memo that says fine tableware is status quo? Is it all the rage this season? Every season? Or is Bill’s co-worker (and/or his wife) some sort of RV phenomena? The Emily Posts of Tiffins.

Regardless, I now feel inadequate and shamed. I live in this 42 foot thing. Like all the time. And you won’t find any glassware in these cabinets. Now that I think of it, (Watch out, Bill! Here comes a bus.), it was actually Bill who set this low standard. – I can hear him now: We take nothing that can break. In fact, I would go so far as to say he commanded it.

But I only do what he says about half the time (at best), so why did I choose to listen to this?

One – It does seem logical not to tote breakables as you hop and bop across the country. Two – You never know when your water stash will be at a premium, so it is good to have paper and plastic ware at such times. Three –

Three –


Oh, this is sad. Excuses, excuses. You only live once. Why make RV venturing more rustic than need be? Why not live it up, or even, dare I say, glam it up?

I am going to ponder this whole dishware thing; but in a larger sense, I have to ask: Have I really made our RV a home? And the answer is: No.

I clean and scrub and polish this metal palace, but is it homey and cozy and a reflection of my tastes? No.

Do I feel like it is even less homey than most RVer’s? Yes.

So I am going to work on this over the next couple of months. I would love to hear what you all do! – Do you have fine and beautiful (and breakable!) dinner settings? How do you make your RV cozy and a representation of your personal styles? Please share any ideas and photos of your whimsical Winnebagos, your fabulous Phaetons, your gorgeous Georgetowns, etc., etc. below!





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