Merry Christmas, RV Venturers!



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, actually, it’s about 50 degrees right now in southern Ohio and has been raining non-stop.

Nonetheless, Santa is just around the corner, so be on your best behavior!

As I type, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is playing in the background. (December isn’t December if I don’t watch this at least once. Twice is better, and thrice makes good sense.)

The campground we’re in has no little ones running about with the season’s anticipation. In fact, hardly anyone is “running about” around here. The December park population and outdoor activity are at a very low low in ol’ O-hio.

Nonetheless, the tradition of whimsical holiday decor has not completely passed us by. Many of the few RVs here are sprinkled with holiday lights of various shape and color, and if blowup snowmen are your thing, we have those too.

Bill and I had the tree/no tree debate. A very tiny tinsel tree is where we settled. It’s pretty pathetic actually. (Proof is in pic above.) With two cats and a puppy and a severe lack of square footage, something small made sense. – But, admittedly, we could have gone a bit “classier.”

With white lights draped along the interior cabinet line of the coach and the occasional ornament hung about to spice it up, we’re feeling pretty festive for RV Venturers!

I would love to see how you decorated your home on wheel for the holidays… Please share!! And from our home on wheels to yours, Merry Christmas!







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