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Park Reviews Overview

Originally posted: 6/17/14


A particular park review may be selected using either of two methods:

1 – click directly on the Park Reviews menu across the top which takes you to a map of the contiguous United States and Canada. Red bubbles representing reviewed parks will then drop into their respective locations on the map. At this point, if you’re looking for parks that have a specific theme, then deselect the themes in the right margin you’ve no interest in. Otherwise, leave the theme options alone and all reviewed parks will populate the map.

—          —     OR     —          —

2 – click directly on the Site Map menu across the top and reference the alphabetical listing. Look for Park Reviews. You can click on that tab OR you can read further down the alphabetical listing to find a particular state and town.

Once you’re into a particular park review, you’ll find a ratings chart followed by the park’s Introductory Statement followed by any images associated with that particular park.

A note regarding a park’s images: most parks will have only images taken from within that park’s property. Occasionally there may be images for a given park associated with some theme/scenery/event/etc. which will then have a caption associated with that image referencing it. In other words, if a photo is captioned, that picture was not taken on that park’s property. In rare instances, some park reviews have little or no photos of the park itself (due to technical difficulties, camera issues, etc.) and so local images of interest may be the only photos presented.

And finally, if you’re looking for more detail on a given park, then click on the green box labeled, “Click for Travel Sheet!”  The Travel Sheet provides much of the information needed, like a link to the park’s own website, to further assist you in your decision-making process.

Also, at the top of the Travel Sheet you’ll find GPS coordinates listed in the following format:

latitude in decimal / latitude in degrees, minutes, & seconds.

longitude in decimal / longitude in degrees, minutes, & seconds.

Hope all of this helps!!  Have a good day out there!