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Riverside RV Resort & Campground, Arcadia, FL

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Upon entering this park, there was no immediate indication of its size. This park was already quite large before the recent (Nov. 2013) addition of 150 more sites bringing its size to over 500 sites. We certainly got an idea of size as we drove back to our site. winding through several turns and stretches before reaching our spot.

As our escort led us to the recently added back-150 of the park, we immediately noticed an annoyance, albeit the only one – the street gutters is not plural at all (one on each side) but is a single gutter running down the middle of the park’s streets, and with over 500 campsites, that’s a lot of streets. So whether driving your car, riding your motorcycle or bicycle, or just out for a jog or walk, it’s something you want to be aware of.

This place was very clean and quite inviting. But beware of any loose-running pets you may have. Remember, this is Florida so there are alligators in the park’s many ponds.

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