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Periwinkle Park & Campground, Sanibel Island, FL

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UPDATE as of February 2024: The below and attached review information is from our visit here in the motor coach back in 2014. I recently stayed at this RV campground once again, now ten years later, and some things have changed. For one, Sanibel Island was badly hit by Hurricane Ian in September of 2022, and they are still recovering from it. The causeway to get to Sanibel (from Fort Myers), unless you arrive/depart very early or very late, is going to take a lot of patience on your part. The aviary that was at this park has now been relocated, though some birds have returned. Another big difference is the price. – It is now $67 per night. And though these two things are not changes from our stay back in 2014, they are things I want to highlight because they are somewhat unusual:

1 – They do NOT accept credit cards.

2 – And they do NOT allow dogs.

Original Review from 2014: This park’s visit began as a frustrating buildup of anticipation as we sat in very heavy traffic just trying to get across the Sanibel Causeway. Be advised that there are two lanes. The signs tell you to stay right for the toll booths that take cash. We, along with SO many others, believed we had to sit in only the right lane until we got to the toll booths. It was there that we realized we could have saved much time had we just moved to the left lane and buzzed by everyone else. That left lane feeds into both the cash and pass booths. Live and learn.

The park itself is everything we had heard. It’s difficult to get a reservation during peak season but once you’re in there, it’s almost like home. Everyone was very nice and the people we spoke to were annual wintertime residents. Some don’t even camp with a car and instead utilize bicycles only to get around. We had our car, motorcycle, and two bicycles. The motorized vehicles were never started.

This park has all of the amenities along with a few extras like exotic animals in a centrally located facility. And the beach is a three minute bicycle ride from the park’s boundary.

Maneuvering around this park is not bad at all even with the largest of rigs although if one with a large rig made a wrong turn, you’d know it almost immediately.

A wonderful park to settle into for awhile. We’ll certainly do it again.

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