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Red Gate Campground & RV Resort, Savannah, GA.

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We arrived here to find the campground sites themselves to be very open.  No real tree coverage to speak of which certainly made maneuvering our [then] trailer into position.  The grounds were peaceful and provided us with, in our opinion, it’s best asset; great access to Savannah proper.

There’s a gravel road which affords itself to very nice walks around the grounds passing many scenic areas reminiscent of years gone by.  An aerial shot, achieved by selecting “Google Map” on the website’s menu, reveals many bodies of water hidden about the woods surrounding the park.  There were goats near the back with various farm implements yielding a nice country atmosphere.

We didn’t use any of their facilities as the bathrooms and laundry appeared to have not been cleaned in some time and were quite musty, not to mention it took a bit of a walk to get there.  Had the laundry been acceptable, a basket full of clothes would be better driven than walked to it.  The party porch was totally unusable.  I used the exercise facility which was very hot inside, but useful.  I did stop in to see the club house as well which was nice both inside and out.  I thought it odd that most of these facilities were not mentioned on the website but have ample signage on the facilities themselves.

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