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Northern Kentucky RV Park, Dry Ridge, Kentucky

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UPDATE 12/9/19: This park has been renamed from Cincinnati South Campground to Northern Kentucky RV Park and is under new ownership! They are closed from October 20, 2019 and April 15, 2020 for renovations.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: This park is located just a few miles off of I-75. While this may sound ideal for a quick overnight stop, there are several things that make this park less than ideal, especially if you are looking for a longer stay. That said, this park has a lot to offer. So I will lay it all out there for you to decide.

Cons: You can see I-75 if you look west through the trees. Worse yet, you can hear it. I hear it right now in fact. Lots of semi-trucks. Then on the other side of the park are the railroad tracks. The very active railroad tracks. So if you are sensitive to road noise and train whistles, you mostly likely will not enjoy it here. Personally, the noise doesn’t bother me much, and I can sleep through anything. But Bill has to put on his white-noise maker each night, and even with that, he hears the trains.

Another con is the lack of nice restaurants nearby. But if you are up for a 30-mile drive north, you will have many fantastic dining options in Covington and Newport (on the Kentucky side of the river) and Cincinnati.

A big con for me has been the awful Verizon coverage. I drop more cell phone calls than I keep. Again, if you are here just for a night, it probably won’t be a big deal to you. But if you are here for a few days or more and need good cell phone coverage, the lost calls may cause some real frustration.

Enough of the negative. Time to accentuate the positive. And there are some real positives.

The park’s grounds are really quite nice. Some might even say bucolic. There are many large, mature trees throughout. (This might not be good for your TV satellite reception, but it sure is pretty.) On the east side of the park is a pond, which adds a lot to the setting. There is a nice sized swimming pool open Memorial Day to Labor Day, a playground area, basketball court, and picnic tables at each site. (Though the picnic tables are old, shabby wooden ones.)

The restrooms and laundry room are dated but clean.

There are ducks, geese, and cats aplenty.

The park is owned and operated by one man. He is actually a nice guy once you get to know him, but that may not be your initial impression. I have been here for several weeks, and personalities aside, anyone can tell that he takes great care and puts a lot of work in to keeping the grounds in beautiful condition.

The Wi-Fi has been fairly reliable. On a scale of 10, I would rate it an 8, which is not bad considering the many parks I have been to that would rate more in the 0 to 2 range.

There is a large, very nice Kroger 5 miles north and a Super Walmart 5 miles south. So you are covered for groceries, etc.

All in all, while I feel a bit isolated here in Crittenden, Kentucky, it could be worse. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again, especially for a day or two’s rest, which is what most people seem to use this park for. Also, there aren’t many other RV park options nearby. For those coming from the north, this place probably feels like a little bit of heaven after having made it though Cincinnati’s rush hour traffic.

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