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Circle CG Farm Campground, Bellingham, MA

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This park is a mixed bag. It begins with horse stalls, dumpsters, the dumping station, and several pieces of industrial equipment. But as you drive toward the back of the grounds, there is a more idyllic landscape with a pond and lots of trees. Unfortunately, the view from our front window was of the dumping station, dumpsters, and industrial equipment.

Perhaps if they had put us in a more scenic spot the stay would have been more enjoyable. But still far from ideal for a long term stay. — The water pressure was weak; so we had to use our water pump most of the time, which meant constantly refilling the fresh water tank. The most troubling part of the stay was the stench that occurred with nearly each emptying of the black and gray tanks. (See the Travel Sheet for details.) There is cable, but ours was fuzzy. That might have been due to our cord though.

On a positive note, the wi-fi from spot #84 worked very well, the laundry room is open 24/7, and I really like where the park is located. It is convenient to restaurants, groceries, and shopping. The T-Station is just a few miles away, so you can easily take the train into Boston if you’d rather not deal with driving and parking in the city. (We did both and enjoyed both.)

We were there for a month, so the annoyances were … well … annoying. But if you just need a place for a few days as you tour the area, it isn’t beyond my better judgment to recommend it.

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