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Sunrise Campground, Bozeman, MT

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This park’s visit resulted from researching the area for a park near Bozeman. What I discovered were many positive statements about the couple that operates Sunrise Campground.

Well, I must say that Maryjo and Marty make the place. It’s a very clean campground next to Interstate 90 and offers everything one would need for a nice stay. Especially if you take them up on their offer for free ear plugs. You see, the interstate is literally next to the park along with train tracks that carry the trains a few times a night.

I declined the ear plugs but used my [free] white-noise app on my phone. It covered over 98% of any outside noise, and for those of you with smartphones, I highly recommend an app such as this.

Also, a notable besides Maryjo and Marty’s hospitality, is that they permit RV washing. This was a first for me! And while I didn’t do a whole coach washing, I did wash the front (tons of bugs) and the back (much dust from a LOT of dirt-road travel).

The facilities were very clean and as expected. M & M were very accommodating and even knowingly made suggestions, during our phone-ahead planning, that could’ve led us to another park. Their whole demeanor was unbiased, open, and second to none leaving me with a very positive feeling before, and after, our visit.

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