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Tomorrow’s Stars RV Resort, South Charleston (near Springfield), OH.

Park Review (out of 10.0)


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Overall Park Score


This park was easy to find and fairly easy to maneuver around with a larger rig.  Easy on-easy off for those traveling east and west on Interstate 70.

While the interstate noise was high outside the RV, it was totally bearable inside and not noticed by some.  It certainly was okay sleeping at night with a white-noise generator operating.

This park had a very nice setting that was obvious to me would be attractive during the spring, summer, and fall months.  There were lots of trees around but given the time of year, no one was outside.  The weather wasn’t conducive to walking around much.

I could see spending a few days here to take in many of the activities in the surrounding areas without being located smack in the middle of them.

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