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Newport News Park, Newport News, VA

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This RV park is situated in an over 7,700 acre nature park. The [nature] park consists of over 30 miles of hiking and biking trails, an archery range, a 30-acre model airplane flying field, and much more. To say the park is heavily wooded would be an understatement. And while the sounds of nature prevailed, often times the interstate noise managed to cut through it, at least on the backside (lake side) of B-loop.

The park’s setting was great for fostering morning or evening walks for pleasure or exercise. And if flying model airplanes is your preference, then head on over to their 30-acre field designated for that pastime. Reference their website for plenty of other things available to do.

The local area deer population didn’t seem to fear us much as they permitted our car to get quite close to them before they meandered off. If a really natural setting is what you look for in this area of Virginia, then look no further.

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