RV Driving in the Mountains and a Fear of Heights

A fear of heights is illogical.

A fear of falling, on the other hand, is prudent and evolutionary.

– Dr. Sheldon Cooper


Please tell me I am not alone …

I have a fear of heights. And that irrational yet powerful fear can impair my joy of RV venturing. What about you??

I am a huge fan of the flatness of Florida, the smoothness of South Carolina, the simplicity of Illinois. And though I adore the majesty of the mountains, I do not appreciate driving on or through them. (I do not overly enjoy driving through the mountains in a car, much less whilst sitting high up in our one billion ton motor coach!)

Here’s the rub: We venture to the mountains a lot. Bill is not disturbed by this. In fact, I think he likes the challenge. He drives this 42-foot RV as if it were an ATV. I, however, am not amused. We have had more than one “unpleasant” occasion in which the battle between The RV and The Mountain got ugly. (It is hard to say who the winner was though. – You could argue The RV, considering that it is no longer stuck. Or you could argue that since the RV had to have outside help (think bulldozer, tractor, and backhoe – yep 3 separate occassions!), that The Mountain won. Either way, I could personally do without the drama.

A few weeks ago, instead of me driving our tow car down a freakishly frightening mountain trek (which, by the way, inhospitably lacked guard rails and defied good sense), I told Bill I would sit on the couch of the coach as he descended the road. He was surprised, and perhaps even a bit proud of me.

I, of course, immediately regretted my decision.

Though I didn’t lift my eyes from the coach’s floor during the entire descent, I still consider my decision to be somewhat brave.

And… I… don’t… ever… want… to… do… that… again.

I’m not striving for brave in this life. (Think less of me if you must. Just being honest here.) I am striving for happy. Calm.

So here’s to the roads that do not make me cringe, tremble, vomit, or cry. Two roads may diverge in a yellow wood. – If so, rest assured, I want to take the flatter of the two.

Safe travels, RV Venturers!!

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