RV Gadgets 2K17

With the school year over, the warmer temps here, greener grass, stuffy noses and itchy eyes, it can only mean one thing: RV 2K17 season is officially underway!

To be fully prepared, you might like to be up-to-date with the latest trends — everything from the new wave of RV’ers you will meet along the way, to the newest gadgets.

Although the average age of RV’ers has not changed much over the past few decades (50 years old in 1980, compared to 48 years old in 2016), a recent increase in 30-somethings has been taking over the RV world. This should come as no surprise. Simple living and minimalism has been very trendy lately. For you ESPN viewers out there, you may remember the story a couple years ago about the then minor league pitcher, Daniel Norris, living in a VW camper van, which he purchased for $10,000. (Despite his $2 million signing bonus!) He chose a minimal lifestyle to help balance the pressures of playing at the professional level. Around the time that story was out, HGTV started introducing shows such as Tiny House Living, Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Big Living, and Tiny House Builders, all of which struck a chord with many, including millennials.

All these tiny living shows were of course being viewed right along with the RV TV programs already out there – showing RV venturers of all ages.

But one thing we all have in common is, regardless of millennial or baby boomer or anything in between, having the latest and greatest technology in our RV can really add to the experience on the road, as well as keep us on trend.

Although upgrading technology can come at a hefty price, here are just a few small, affordable upgrades we have been eyeing:

USB Wall Outlets – These allow you to free up space and makes charging your devices easier.

MagicLight Bluetooth Light Bulbs – Limited space means limited room for lamps and other light fixtures that you wish to have to get that perfect lighting or set the mood just right for different occasions. With the MagicLight Bluetooth Light Bulb, you will be able to control the light bulb on your smart device and can control them individually or as a group. The bulbs are dimmable, can be turned into just about any color you desire, and can even be set on a custom timer or timed with the sunrise and sunset.

Smart Dryer – Especially made for RV and camping enthusiasts, the Smart Dryer saves you money on running your dryer or running to the dry cleaners. Smart Dryer easily clips on to just about anything and makes drying your clothes very easy. It can also shrink down to make for easy storing.

Guardzilla HD Wireless Home Security System – Guardzilla is a wireless security system where you can see the live video feed on your phone, arm and disable your system, pair additional cameras, and get instant notifications on any activity that the Guardzilla detects. You are able to get all of these awesome features no matter where you are.

ENO Camping Hammock – For those of you wanting to add to your outdoor experiences, there are plenty of popular items that would be great to have with your RV. Camping hammocks are very popular and would be a great addition to any RV camp site. They are easy to set up and make for a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors.

YETI Tundra – Of course, while laying in your hammock you will want something refreshing to enjoy. Yeti coolers, bags, and bottles come in all shapes and sizes. Gearjunkie.com conducted an experiment where they filled up a Yeti cooler with ice and left it in the sun with the lid open for 3-straight 90 degree days and found just half of the ice had melted in that time. For those of you who do not have an ice maker, having a Yeti cooler may be a really nice addition for this summer. Yeti coolers will run you a pretty penny, but there are plenty of “knock off brands” that compete very well with Yeti (most notably RTIC).

Hopefully some of these trendy tips will help upgrade your RV on the inside and out. Whether it’s something as smart as changing a few of the outlets with USB ports to take full advantage of a workspace or kicking back in your hammock with a cooler full of refreshments next to you, we hope you enjoy your summer travels and have fun meeting and learning from travelers of all ages along the way!

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