RV Life: Baby, It’s Cold Inside

RV Life: Baby, It’s Cold Inside

(the Shower)


RV life is full of firsts, both majestic and mundane. I am about to share a first which leans more toward the mundane.

Somehow, I have managed to make it roughly four RV’ing years without experiencing this … until today. – My first shower in a campground bathhouse.

Stuff just got real.

I don’t want to get all complain-y, but… OUR DIESEL BURNER IS STILL BROKEN. I HAVEN’T HAD MORE THAN 45 SECONDS OF HOT WATER IN THIS RV IN NEARLY 2 MONTHS. I have actually skipped showering on some days. I mean, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE! (If your tolerance for whining is high, click here to read the post explaining the diesel burner’s demise.)

But that’s not even the worst of it. Yes, you read correctly: Having less than a minute of hot water per shower for two months is not the worst of it.

The worst thing is the smell of diesel (via the electric burner) that fills the coach just to get those seconds of hot water, and I wonder and worry over the fumes’ effect on our lungs.

So, I have decided to keep the electric burner off for now. Bill has been working hard to fix this, but his time is very limited. And once he gets this fixed, he will surely write a detailed article that will help any of you experiencing the same issue. But until then, I am not sure that the sparse amount of hot water I get from having the electric burner on is worth the diesel toxicity.

Therefore, the bathhouse.

Which, actually wasn’t so bad. No really. Kind of a pain to lug towels, clothes, and toiletries, but compared to short, short showers and diesel fumes in my RV, the bathhouse is the lesser of two evils.

So I will do my best to be patient as Bill continues to work on the issue. (I know you’re probably wondering why we don’t call in professional help. I am wondering that too.) And I will try my best to not vent my frustration to him too, too often, spitting out phrases like: “I think I have been handling this with tremendous grace.”

In the meantime, see you at the bathhouse! ?



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