RV Organization – Time to Get Serious

Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?

– Phyllis Diller

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I. Have. Had. It. Up. To. HERE….with the lack of organization in our motor coach!!! Seriously, it is such a frustration. I’m kind of going batty over it.

Those who know me as a homeowner, know me as a very organized and efficient housekeeper. An unofficial diagnosis of OCD has been bantered about by many of my near and dear.

But, oh, how I have fallen!

If anyone saw our motor coach right now,  they’d swear it couldn’t be Susan’s. Not Susan’s, the Queen of Suburban Clean.

The RV presents challenges I have not risen to….  Yet.

With a house, be it 5000 sq ft or 1500 sq ft, I find it fairly easy to keep things tidy using just one school of thought: A place for everything; everything in its place.

But I’m baffled now in the RV. Baffled in a small space that doesn’t have the space for everything that needs space.

Can I get an amen? Please tell me you RV Venturers can relate.

So here’s the plan. Tis the season for solving and resolving, and here is mine: I am going to get this 42″ home on wheels in shape in 2016. What about you? Ready to put the FUN in functional??

I’ll keep you posted via The Full Hookup with my progress and epiphanies. And PLEASE share yours!

See you on the road!

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