The Solar Eclipse 2K17– So much pressure!

camper van

Hers getting all prettied up for her date with Totality.

To Totality, or not to Totality? That is the question.

That is and has been the question for this entire past week, swimming around my wishy-washy brain.

As soon as I decide, ‘Nah, not worth the trouble and the crowds,’ I think: ‘Dude, you’re the RV Venturer.’ (Then a quiet whisper: ‘Loser.’)

Here’s the sitch:

I am currently in the motor coach in a lovely campground that will experience 92.8% lunar coverage of the sun. That’s pretty darn good, right? And there would be nothing more to do tomorrow than to saunter out my front door around 2:26 pm EST, put on my super cool ISO approved paper eyewear, and look up.

Simple. And I like simple. I like simple a lot.

But… I also like big adventures, especially in ‘Hers,’ our Camper Van. So when I heard that people from all around the world are heading to Hopkinsville, Kentucky (of all places!) to see the full totality, I felt a tug to be one of them. (I heard the head astronomer from the Vatican is coming to Hopkinsville. Hells bells, this is big!)

Bill, my favorite fellow RV Venturer, is out of town for work; so I am solo on this any way you look at it. Which kind of makes me want to just stay where I am; sort of feels like a New Year’s Eve party with no one to kiss at midnight.

But then, being alone, is also the reason I want to go where all the excitement is – so I can share in the experience to the fullest. (I’m not kissing anyone though.)

Sure, there will be others at my current campground – my current campground with its lame-o 92.8% eclipse totality – but there won’t be the excitement here that there will be in Hopkinsville and the other towns along The Path of Totality.

(The Path of Totality. How cool is that phrase? Whoever is marketing this eclipse thing is doing a super job!)

So, I should go? Right? I should hop in Hers and head the itty bitty three hours over to Hopkinsville, right? Is that what you’re saying?

Okay, fine. I’ll go. I will hit the road at o-dark-thirty and see what happens.

Maybe they won’t let me in. Capacity for the city met. Exceeded. Cars sitting along the road, stopped in the 90-degree blazing heat, no forward momentum to be had. This is a real possibility.

That’d be okay though. I’ll give it a try, a go, a chance. After all, like they say, better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. (That phrase doesn’t really apply here, but whatever.)

I will keep you posted and let you know how this whole last-minute, solar eclipse 2K17 thing panned out. What are your plans? Are you excited, or conversely, are you so over it? Where will you be? Please let me know!

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  1. Bill August 20, 2017 at 21:02

    Wish I was going too!!!

  2. Katherine Kaleta August 20, 2017 at 23:16

    I’m really excited. At the same time I’m over it. I may not even have the option to see it, our forecast is iffy.

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