Spring Is Here: Time to Hit the Road

Spring Is Here: Time to Hit the Road

“In winter, I plot and plan.

In spring, I move.” – Henry Rollins

Flowering Tree

The scent is unmistakable. Spring.

As in: spring, spring, SPRING!

I can’t help but say, over and over:

It’s so beautiful!

What a nice day!

Isn’t it a beautiful day?

(As I walk, apparently I need everyone to affirm my elation.)

There are still more dandelions than daffodils outside, but it’s definite – no joke: we’ve turned the horrid winter corner.

The fact that spring is official on March 20 in my hemisphere is the biggest ruse. Pure hogwash. Not where I come from, Mister! And I am way to savvy to fall for that notation on the calendar.

But when you’re walking midday in April with all the awesomeness of the warmth without the oppressiveness of the humidity, and you smell the flowering trees, it’s golden.

Now I just want to exist outdoors 24-7. Well, not quite 24. Still a bit chilly at night. But hey, I have that whole cool RV-thing to sleep in.

So…bring on the longer days. Bring on the road trips and the campsites. State parks. National parks. Hikes. Tulips. Windows down. Paper maps. Coffee. Cola. My Sweetheart, ZuZu, and The Cats.

Spring/Summer 2017: Here we come!

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