Water, Water, Everywhere…& Not a Drop to Drink

“Television is like the invention of indoor plumbing.

It didn’t change people’s habits. It just kept them inside the house.”

– Alfred Hitchcock


Bill has strong opinions on certain things and doesn’t allow too much – even me – to sway him. This is especially true when it comes to cars, plumbing, electrical work, and of course, the RV.

As RV venturers, we’ve been hopping around to a lot of different parks lately. At each park, the water pressure varies a bit. Sometimes a lot. And I tend to get annoyed at the lower pressure parks. I like a good steady stream when washing hands, showering, doing dishes, etc. A good strong flush of the toilet is music to my ears. (Come on; you know what I mean.)

Anyway… We are at a park now that has fantastic water pressure. Unfortunately too fantastic for Bill’s taste. So he put that darn regulator on the park’s water supply faucet. Before that, I was singing our RV’s faucets’ praises. After, it felt like a curse upon the coach.

Dramatic, yes. But the irritation was real. I pleaded: Set the water free!

He did.

And sure enough, the darn pipes started leaking.

He got a big “I told you so” out of this, and I have yet another lesson learned… the hard way.

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