Winter Attitude: A Work in Progress

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As a follow-up to last week’s blog, I am asking myself how well my new winter mantra of GET OUTSIDE is working?

The answer: meh.

It may be helping a bit, but it has been rainy and gray, pretty much non-stop, so being outside in that dreariness hasn’t felt super uplifting.

But still, the fresh air is a happy change to the stale air of the motor coach. And the sun will surely return, so I am not giving up on this! I will continue to get outside, regardless!

That said, I still must do more to decrease these winter blues and increase the happy vibes.

To that end, I have more plans!

I am throwing myself into a writing project that I have been thinking about for the last several years. It is historical fiction, which gives me the perfect excuse to research, research, research. (One of my favorite things…and something that can be done quite nicely from the motor coach!)

Also, I am re-committing myself to healthier eating. I used to be a disciplined eater and exerciser. Several years back, actually when we started full-time RV’ing, I dropped that discipline. D-ropped! I will respect myself so much more if I get back to a healthier lifestyle, and that in turn will mightily increase my general happiness.

I could add more to this new year, new attitude, new me list of to-do’s, but I want/need to stay focused! These three things will be more than enough to keep me mentally and physically focused on a happier path.

Before we know it, spring will be here and all the wonders that spring brings. It is my intention to be in a much brighter state of mind by then. And then comes summer and hopefully my list of responsibilities for this house we are building will become less and less as it becomes more and more complete, which means….ROAD TRIPS!!! I cannot wait!!! I really do plan on 2018 being EPIC!

How is your winter going? Does it affect your mood in a good or bad way? What do you do when you’re in a funk, regardless of the season? Please, please share!

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