Winter Blues & Its Cure

It is December and cold. Lows in my seven-day forecast are in the teens, and frankly, I’m ticked. (Home base for our motor coach and camper van is Tennessee, which sounds like it should be warm or at least mild year-round, but, yeah, it’s not.)

I hate all things winter. The bulky coats, the clumsy gloves, and all the layers that go with it. The snow, the ice, the cruel, cruel winds, being chilled to the bone. Yuck!

(You would think winter boots would be the one fashion-bright spot of winter, but given my shoe size is a 10, winter boots aren’t doing me any favors.)

Our motor coach’s diesel burner has not worked since last winter, which translates into about 20 seconds of hot water per shower. Doesn’t that sound like fun? And our camper van is winterized, so it’s of no help.

We are building a home, which will serve as a hub for our RV adventures and eventually shield me from many of winter’s tortures, but here I am in December 2017, full-time RV’ing and vulnerable to the cold. And because the house is under construction, I need to be on site, at least most of the time, since each day of construction brings decisions upon decisions.

Bill travels a lot (by air, not by wheel) for work, so he gets to escape and stay in nice hotel rooms, with warm showers and everything, whilst I remain here. But he is sympathetic to my plight, and when I suggested I RV venture my way down to Florida — with the rest of the sane RV’ers — he too thought it a good idea.

So, in less than two weeks, this frozen duck is heading south to Miami! And it is that bright, happy thought that will help me through the bitter cold that is upon us. The chances of me cursing my own existence when it is 20 outside and the coach is being battered by mountain winds will be greatly reduced. I’ll likely swear less, or perhaps not at all, each time I empty the tanks, bundled from top to toe… for the Promise Land lies ahead. In clear view. Something to dream about and plan for.

Where are you now that winter is here and settling in for its unwelcome stay?

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