Winter RV’ing – GET OUTSIDE

February is here and my winter depression is in full-force. A dearth of Vitamin D is likely to blame.

Each winter I get complain-y. As in: COM.PLAIN.EEE.

You would think as a full-time RV’er, I would have little to complain about. Shouldn’t I be chasing the sun and its warm weather?

Yes, I should.

But, no, I can’t. Not this winter.

We are building a home, which requires me to stay near the house site to make decision upon decision upon decision.

So I am stuck and feeling very stay-put-eee, full-time RV’ing in one spot, and a cold spot at that.

On top of it, that STUPID groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter. (I hate that groundhog; am considering launching a smear campaign.)

Here’s the thing, I don’t really want to be miserable one more week, much less six more weeks. Time is precious!

So I need to take my destiny (and mental health) into my own hands, and, as Cher would say: Snap out of it!


How am I going to do this?

I have a few ideas!

First and foremost, my winter mantra from this day hence is: GET OUTSIDE!

At first blush, this goes against my desires. I hate feeling cold. But… I hate not being outside even more.

At the age of 45, I’ve learned a few things about myself. There are several surefire, simple things that lift my mood, alter my perspective, and put me on a happier path. Two of those things are: getting outside and taking a walk. (Also effective are: putzing with paper goods and pens; reading books; journaling; and cleaning. (I don’t actually enjoy cleaning, but I love having things clean.) — As you can see from this list, I am clearly an introvert as none of these happiness boosters involve another human. Though I do love the humans and they do indeed usually lift my spirits! There’s just not many around me.)

Anywhooo, back to my point… The immediate mission is clear: Get outside.

Excuse me while I talk to myself for a moment.

Just do it, Susan. Sure it’s cold. And yes, it’s windy, which feels especially cruel. But hells bells, you spent a small fortune last year on a coat that’s rated to like a 1000 below. You have several pairs of winter gloves. None of which are all that warm, but you can layer them. Ugg boots that have seen better days, but keep your toes toasty. Black wool beanie with a pompom atop. And a little color to your pale cheeks ain’t going to hurt a thing.

Truly, I have no excuses.

There are other things I know I can do to increase my levels of happiness while living this stationary RV winter life, but this is where I am going to start. What about YOU?? How are you handling winter, if indeed you feel that it needs to be handled? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Bill February 5, 2018 at 19:08

    WHAT a tribute to just getting through IT …whatever IT is!! Good job!!!

    And your application of Cher is priceless!! Had me laughing-out-LOUD!

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